Aesthetic Medicine

A simple aesthetic procedure can provide a boost to your self-confidence, in turn improving your emotional and physical well-being. At Lighthouse Healing in Lihue, Hawaii, and Kauai, Hawaii Dr. Dawn Sparks takes a holistic approach to your health, treating your mind, body, and soul. She offers wellness, nutrition, aesthetic medicine, and cosmetic services to help you feel your best. Call or request an appointment online today to start looking and feeling your best.

How can aesthetic medicine help me to look and feel my best?

Looking and feeling your best as you age is easier said than done. Joint pain, injury, and general aging take their toll on the way you feel, both physically and mentally.

At Lighthouse Healing, Dr. Sparks offers a variety of treatments to keep you moving, from regenerative medicine to pain management. She’s also an expert in aesthetic medicine, offering physician-directed weight loss, injectable fillers, and laser treatments to keep you naturally ageless.

What is a physician-directed weight loss plan?

Dr. Sparks works with you to create a customized diet and exercise plan that can help you achieve your weight loss goals. Because of her unique background in pain management, she directs you in specific exercises that minimize impact and maximize results.

To help you enhance your diet and exercise regimen, Dr. Sparks may suggest vitamin B12 injections. These injections are formed from synthetic vitamin B12 and can be used to reduce fatigue, increase your energy level, and spark weight loss by igniting your metabolism.

What is BotoxⓇ?

As you age, you develop wrinkles, lines, and folds around your eyes, chin, cheeks, and forehead. If you want to erase years from your face and have that youthful glow without painful surgery or downtime, Dr. Sparks recommends Botox injectable treatments.

Botox is a very popular and safe neuromodulator commonly used to improve the appearance of crow’s feet and diminish frown lines between the eyebrows. Dr. Sparks injects Botox with a fine needle in small doses that are tactically placed around your problem areas.

Botox is a virtually painless procedure, takes only a few minutes, and you can return to your normal activities immediately afterward.

What is JuvedermⓇ?

Juvederm effectively and safely fills facial wrinkles to restore and enhance your beautiful contours. Juvederm offers a variety of fillers that can lift and enhance your cheeks, smooth lines, and wrinkles, or give you plump, luscious lips. Similar to Botox, Juvederm products are injectables and require no downtime.

If you want to look and feel your best, call or request an appointment online with Dr. Sparks today.