Meet Dr Sparks

Lighthouse Healing is a practice in Lihue, Hawaii that provides patients with comprehensive pain management. For treatment for chronic and acute pain and other integrative measures. Founder Dr. Dawn Sparks and her team take a whole-person approach to care, treating conditions at their source rather than merely relieving symptoms.

With a medical degree from the Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine and training at the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Sparks fuses conventional medicine with compassionate care for each patient. Dr. Sparks, who has more than a decade in practice after her fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic training under many of the leaders and founders of the pain management field, utilizes multiple modalities to help with your pain. Whether a patient needs pain management, regenerative medicine, or an aesthetic treatment, the services at Lighthouse Healing combine evidence-based medical technology with strategies for healthy living, diet, and exercise.

This approach to health care allows patients suffering from a degenerative diseases, inflammatory conditions, or an accident or sports injury to manage their pain, restore their health, and find long-term relief.

The Lighthouse Healing staff strive to improve their patients’ quality of life and ensure their health both inside and out. If you’re ready for a genuinely effective approach to pain management and wellness, call the office or book an appointment online today.