Neuromodulation & Implantable Devices

If your pain has become too much to handle and you feel like you’re missing out on life, Dr. Dawn Sparks at Lighthouse Healing in Lihue, Hawaii and Kauai, Hawaii can help. She uses neuromodulation, delivered via an implantable pain pump, which harnesses the power of electrical impulses in the human body to relieve your pain. If you’re ready to take control of your pain, call or request an appointment online today.

What is neuromodulation?

Neuromodulation is a medically advanced treatment that provides relief from painful nerves. As the name suggests, neuromodulation is the adjustment of specific neuropathic functions that handle and interpret pain.

Dr. Sparks administers low-impulse electric currents to the specific irritated nerves. Most neuromodulation treatments are dispensed using implantable devices, which assist your body in controlling abnormal or painful neuropathic signals using medication or electric stimulation.

Dr. Sparks is an expert at several neuromodulation procedures, including:

  • Dorsal root ganglion stimulation
  • Spinal cord stimulation
  • Intrathecal pain pump
  • Peripheral nerve stimulation

What is a pain pump?

Intrathecal drug delivery, or a “pain pump,” is a method of administering medication directly to your spinal cord or an affected area.

A pain pump may be a treatment option if more conservative treatment methods have failed to relieve chronic pain symptoms. When oral medications and other treatment options have not suitably relieved neuropathic pain, and deeply invasive surgery is not a viable treatment option, surgically implanted pain management systems can be life-changing tools.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Sparks will evaluate your overall health and diagnose the source of your pain to determine if you’re a viable candidate to use a pain pump as part of your pain management treatment plan.

How does a pain pump work?

A pain pump helps you take control of your pain, reduce the amount of medication you need, and eliminate the need for oral medications that can have damaging side effects. The pain pump delivers concentrated, calculated doses of pain-control medication directly to the source of your pain, instead of forcing you to ingest and metabolize a pill regularly.

How do I know which treatment is right for me?

Dr. Sparks has years of experience in pain management and will discuss all possible treatment methods with you. She will walk you through the risks and benefits of each type of treatment to determine if a pain pump or neuromodulation may be right for you.

If you’re ready to get rid of your pain for good, call or request an appointment online with Dr. Sparks today.