Dr. Dawn Sparks always appreciates feedback from her valued patients. To date, we’re thrilled to have collected 21 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars. Please read what others are saying about Dr. Dawn Sparks below, and as always, we would love to hear your feedback.

Dr. Sparks was attentive to what I said and was encouraging and hopeful in what she said.
Stephen T.

Da bomb diggity!
Kimberly F.

As always — as it has been for over a year the service from this Dr is perfect She and her marvelous team have given me 25 years of my life back — I am 76 and am recovered and able to live like I am 50 after a traumatic near death — accident the the Drs, 11 of them, on the mainland could not relieve the pain from 18 years ago — the team did it in less than a year! Seriously dr Sparks — I call her Dr Genius because she is listened to me, made a plan, executed the plan and had given my life back Thanks Dr and Nurse Kim.
Bill B.

Dr and staff are very helpful. Care is always the best.
Sharon T.

Outstanding care and expertise in administering spine treatment.
James B.

I came to Dr. sparks, with so much pain,I told her she was my last resource. Six months forward I’m planning to get on a plane to Europe to visit my daughter. That was out of if the question six months ago. I have been open minded about every suggestions she offered me, I’m so happy that I’m experiencing a pain free life. And DR Sparks is warm and kind and sympathetic,along with Kim which I appreciate so much for all that she does . They are my true heroes right now. The Best I have encountered, feeling grateful and optimistic about my healing.
Mildre C.

Very pleasant and thorough.
Brigitt P.

Aloha I really appreciate Dr Sparks care and attention that she has shown to me. She is not only interested in my health needs but also my well being.
Susan A.

Very personable and helpful.
Tiana P.

Excellent Service .No More Pain its Great Without The Pain I Had in My Knee.
Gerald S.

OK I loved it. After I left sat in my car for a little bit my leg was tingly kind of numb and felt like my brain neurology had to reconnect with my leg my foot seems turned out in a little crazy. So I walked it off of course and everything is fine. My back feels 99% better. I’m really happy I wanna do some more for my back my ankle and my upper middle back I hope to hear from you to schedule.
William W.

Dr. Sparks and her Staff are absolutely the MOST amazing Women, EVAH!!!!
Kimberly F.

Dr Sparks is always striving to help her pain patients. She listens, she cares with love. I’m being helped. Thank you Doc. You too, Kim.
Sharon T.

Very thorough and helpful.
Tiana P.

Scott C.

Dr Sparks is my angel. She really listens then creates a plan to relieve my discomfort. She encourages meditation, visualization and pain control techniques. My life is becoming mobile again. Dr Sparks is the best!!!
Sharon T.

Very personable staff, Dr Sparks is very knowledgeable and genuinely cares about her patients.
Karen M.

Great Doc.
Scott C.

Dr. Sparks relieved and possibly stopped my 20 plus years of disabling migraines when over 2 dozen other doctors weren’t able. I was a Silicon Valley Engineer and totally misdiagnosed so many times. I even travelled to other country’s seeking help. I have been free of migraines now for over 1 1/2 years. I was not an easy case as my neck had been broken, my head dislocated and my brain stem was injured among other damages when I was strong arm strangled while seat belted in my car. I refused most drugs because I did not want to become addicted and they only made me forget my pain not get rid of the pain. Don’t get me wrong there were times I needed them but that was rare. For me being drugged is not living. I have a life today because Dr. Sparks made the difference.
Corky C.

Visit went very well. Dr Sparks is very thorough and compassionate.
Sharon T.

Over the last two years Dr Dawn has given me back 25 years of my life using her pain management skills — After a near death side impact car accident — I had been using narcotic drugs for 15 years to control 24/7/52 significant pain she got the pain under treatment and reduced by 95 % after a year. The Drs on the mainland did not seem to understand or use the imaginative skills that Dr Dawn has and applies. In 1 year of treatments Dr reduced the many pain sites in my arms, back, head and neck to give me back to freedom from laying around and using harmful narcotics — I stopped them completely, in a two week period, 1 month after Dr started her treatments. The team at lighthouse are very professional and competent. I call Dr Sparks “Dr Genius” and Nurse Kim “Nurse Magic”. Follow directions always tell them all they ask about factually. I live again a normal life after a 15 years struggle to find Drs skills.
Bill B.